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Products | W.Hoffmann Tradition - By C.Bechstein Berlin

European quality with all the hallmarks of traditional German piano-making.

An action assembly that gives rise to powerful possibilities for interpretation, an impressive dynamic range from pianissimo to fortissimo, and a colorful sound.


From the manufacturing process to individually voicing the hammers – you can leave it all in the safe hands of the specialists of C.Bechstein Europe, Czech Republic .

And don't forget that you get a five –year guarantee from C.Bechstein Europe!







The quality materials for W.HOFFMANN TRADITION:


Back posts and frame: medium-hard pine wood;

Soundboard and ribs: European solid Spruce;

Bridges: European beech;

Pin block: Multiplex beech;

Frames: Cast iron, made in a sand casting process;

Bass strings: With 99% pure copper winding, German material;

Solid wooden back parts: Made of Pine;

Cabinet: Parts of solid wood, panels of MDF;

Action and keyboard: In accordance with C.Bechstein standards;

Hammerheads: With specially selected sheep felt, made by German manufacturers.

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