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Products | W.Hoffmann Vision - By C.Bechstein Berlin

Quality pianos at an affordable price from the heart of Europe and a centre of European culture.

C.Bechstein has created the alternative by manufacturing competitive products in Europe:

W.Hoffmann- made in Europe. In the European manufactory!

Take a look and compare.


There is something fascinating about putting a legendary piano tradition into a contemporary context, a context in which W.Hoffmann self –confidently maintains its position.

Resilient and affordable instruments from the basis of this modern European character.


Do you love a harmonic , balanced sound and an impeccable playing experience or, simply put , an instrument that you feel completely at home playing ? if so, quality from Europe is just the thing for you, because Europe is the home of piano craftsmanship. Don't forget as well that in Europe they have a natural flair for this craft. C.Bechstein – this top German manufacturer, now designs upright and grand pianos to your exact standards: W.Hoffmann, made by C.Bechstein Europe.




W.HOFFMANN VISION – this line of reasonably – priced quality instruments offers a great alternative to any product from Asia.


European standards guarantee perfect piano playing with the finest capability for nuance, effortless repetition and pleasant sound quality.

All the components are specified by the experienced piano makers and master craftsmen of the C.Bechstein Europe manufactory.

The warrantors, C.Bechstein Europe, Czech Republic, are responsible for the whole process of manufacturing and strict quality controls.

A sensationally attractive price/performance ratio, made in Europe!





The quality materials for WHOFFMANN VISION:


Back posts and frame: medium-hard solid wood;

Soundboard core and climate resistant laminating: Spruce wood;

Ribs: Spruce;

Bridges: Hard wood;

Pin block: Glued layers of hard wood;

Plate: Cast iron made in a sand casting process;

Bass strings: 95% pure copper;

Solid wooden back parts: Pine;

Cabinet parts: Solid wood and panels of MDF;

Action and keyboard: In accordance with European standards;

Hammerheads: With English sheep's felt.


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