Vario System


Two musical instruments in one: the vario system combines a traditional piano with the numerous possibilities of the digital pianos.

the piano touch you are used to remains unchanged, because you are playing on a traditional piano keyboard-and-action-assembley.

when the digital functions of the system are in use, the authentic piano touch remains unchanged.


the mute system makes it possible: you can play the piano whenever you want and as long as you want, be it day or night.

just as though the piano were isolated, it can only be heard by you, unless you want an audience. a special bar prevents the hammer from striking the piano strings. the acceleration or the intensity of touch is transferred by integrated sensors into digitally generated sounds which you hear through your headphones. you always hear the authentic sound of a piano. the sound generated through the activated vario system is pleasant in its timbre and dynamic scale. the basis for this sound is a digital sampling of traditional piano.



The Vario System